Reidmount Discovery School has a Zoom Corporate account unlike the Free (Basic) version everyday consumers use.  This provides enhanced encryption and customized security privacy features for our classes.  Below are a few security measures Reidmount Discovery School has taken to secure the virtual learning class environment for your child, yourself and our teachers.

  1. Students do not require a Zoom account to login. 
    Note it is easier to login into meetings and see class schedules with the Zoom Client installed and offers enhanced functionality during class.

  2. Classrooms are password protected.

  3. Classrooms have waiting rooms.
    Participants must be admitted by the teacher.  If the teacher doesn’t recognize the student, they may not be admitted.  Teachers are also able to "kick-out" unrecognized participants.  Please ensure you enter the Students first name as participant ID.

  4. Students are set to mute upon entry and video’s is off by default. 
    Student/parent can choice when to turn on the mic & video.  Students can still interact via raising their hand (virtually) or via chat with teacher or un-muting themselves to ask questions or participate.  We encourage you to enable video if you feel comfortable for an interactive experience.

  5. Chat function is 1 on 1 with teachers only.
    Student to student or participant chatting is not enabled

  6. File sharing has been disabled except for PDF files
    PDF weekly homework will be transferred and shared through the class chat.  Students must download the homework before class is over

  7. Screen sharing from students (participants) has been disabled except for the Coding class

  8. Video recording of classes is disabled except for audio. 
    Only administrators have access to recordings.

Virtual Learning Security