Learn more about our Program.   Please e-mail:  info@reidmountdiscovery.ca for an appointment.

Coding for Kids and Teens - OPEN HOUSE dates:

May 5, 2018
-Homelands Senior School 9-10am
-Hazel McCallion Secondary School 11-2pm
May 12, 2018
-Jean Augustine Secondary School 9-10am
-Louise Arbour Secondary School 2:30-3:30pm
-Turner Fenton Secondary School 11-12pm
-Pickering High School 10-1pm
-Milliken Mills High School 2:30-3:30pm

Discover a new way to learn.   If you are interested in your child's knowledge base, we will be conducting free assessments for your reference.  Come by to say "hello", meet our teachers, review the curriculum and find out more about the program. 

Space is limited, please e-mail to reserve your spot.

Open House Dates and Locations